Sofa Restoration

Our leather repair specialists are fully trained, with many years of experience in this field, and will offer you along with an excellent repair, the best advice on cleaning and maintenance available, giving you long-lasting leather.

Got a much loved Sofa that needs some tender loving care? Then look no further than The Furniture Repair Co. 

We repair all forms of Sofa damage from leather to fabric sofas.

  • Frame Damage
  • Feet and Castors replaced
  • Springs replaced
  • Foam replaced
  • Sagging Seats replaced
  • Stitching repaired
  • Backs and Seats re-padded
  • Broken Rails repaired/replaced
  • Seat Webbing replaced
  • Scotchguard to fabric sofas
  • Dismantle and Reassembly service
  • Pet Damage Repairs
  • Split Leather Repairs
  • Stains Removed
  • Part or Full Resprays
  • Sticky Areas Restored
  • Holes Repaired
  • Colour Revitalising
  • Re-stitching
  • Scratch Repairs
  • Scuffs
  • Rip and Tear Repairs
  • Colour-loss Restoration
  • Sun Damage
  • Panel Replacement
  • Full or Part Restorations
  • Cigarette Burns
  • Cracking Repairs


Sofa Spring Snapped?

Most sofas bases are made up of steel serpentine (zig zag) springs, over time the steel can weaken & snap or more likely the clips that connect the springs to the frame fail & break off leaving the seat foam unsupported. We can replace these broken springs & clips within your home.

Sofa seam burst/split

The sewing on your upholstery can split or snap under strain, maybe the stitches have been sewn over on a cross stitch weakening the area to cause the break, we can stitch these seams back together as they originally were using the correct thread to prevent the seam splitting further.

Leather colour loss

There are several different types of leather used to cover furniture, most used are the coloured & sealed types where the colour can wear off with age or accidental damage can bleach the pigment. We can chemically clean the leather & re colour in matching pigment, then reseal as new.

Collapsed frames

Wooden frames can snap on knots or weak areas under strain, these rails can be removed and replaced, further strengthened to prevent from happening again. Even annoying creaks can be repaired by separating rails & injecting specialist wood glues to stop friction along with the creaking.

Sofa Frame Repair

A broken chair or sofa frame can be catastrophic for upholstered furniture and a cause for worry.

This is something you can not live with for long without taking any action, because, if left unfixed, the damage will spread further and tear the upholstery fabric and fillings, destroying a perfectly good suite.

What are your options?
  1. Spend your savings, or worse, get into debt and buy a new suite.
  2. Ask us at The Furniture Repair Co. to come to your home and make a factory-finish fix of your Sofa frame today, for a fraction of the cost of a new suite.
  3. When we come to your home, we will asses the damage, and we will explain the solution to you, including what materials we will use and why.
  4. Before we start working, we will lay down a large clean worksheet, and carefully place the damaged Sofa on it. Then we will, with great care, strip back the upholstery around

Upholstery Repair

Upholstery repair at your home by mobile upholsterers.

Mobile upholstery repair includes many sofa repairs like sewing split seams , repairing and fitting zips to chair cushions, fixing carcass zips to the frame upholstery, and re-sewing centre seat seams.


Also, sewing new upholstery parts, re-stapling loose panels, repairing holes, and panel replacement.

Other jobs include, fitting new upholstery covers, tacking on new base cloth, supplying and fitting new castor’s or glides, replacing joining clips to corner units, refitting facing panels, and even effecting repair to upholstery under the top cover.

We at The Furniture Repair Co. have purpose made portable industrial sewing machines in our mobile upholstery repair van. This means we can make any upholstery repair, anywhere, from the extremely remote areas, to the busiest confined areas, we can provide the most professional effective mobile upholstery repair.

Send us a photo of your sofa and the affected area, with a brief description of the problem or damage, and I will get you an estimate.

The cause of sinking seats in sofas and chairs is either seat foam failure or a broken chair spring or webbing. Some times, though not often, frame failure can be the culprit.


Seat Support Repairs

Seat Support Repairs using Stretch Elastic Webbing

A broken sofa seat spring is easy to spot. There will be a noticeable hollow in the seat, and when you sit on the chair seat a clunking noise can be heard, also, you will sit too low and the seat will not spring back when you get off it. This will be the same with a sofa using a rubber spring or webbing type suspension.

If snapped sofa seat webbing is left unattended, further damage will be caused to the foam interior and premature wear will occur to the upholstery. This is worse on a leather sofa, where wrinkling and an aged appearance will result. This will lead to further deterioration and expense. All of this is avoidable with a quick spring repair at your home.

The Furniture Repair Co. can fix all sofa and chair seat springs/webbing on all sofas and chairs.

In all our mobile upholstery repair vans, we stock all types of sofa seat webbing and chair seat springs.

Even full fixed seats can be repaired at your home.



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